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Rebeccah Verhoff-Kiss, Outreach & Education Officer, ServeOhio


The Culture of Diversity and Inclusion in National Service

AmeriCorps members discover a lot about themselves and those that they serve during their term(s) of service.  Typically, their service is with an organization where they are interested in furthering the services provided.  It is important to understanding that there is a delicate balance between learning how to find their place within the organization and respecting those that they serve.  This balance leads to a culture that empowers individuals to do more than they ever thought possible!

Diversity has often been placed in the association of a dance, in that everyone is invited to attend this specific event because everyone has something to contribute.  Along that same association, inclusion is the idea that attendees at the event are specifically asked to dance.  That dance is the intentional communication or actions where individuals strive to learn from one another without any prejudgment. 

We live in diverse communities that seem to be shaped by social media.  The art of personal interaction is a service provided through the 900+ members who serve in Ohio to positively engage those same diverse communities.  So let’s create an impactful culture of celebrating diversity amongst the AmeriCorps members, the organization where they serve and the community members in which they serve.  Service is the inclusion that brings all of us together.   

Written by Jennifer Sanders, AmeriCorps Program Officer

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