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National Service-A Powerful Tool for Uniting Americans for a Common Effort

Heather Foster is the Regional Administrator for the new Midwest Regional Office of the Corporation for National and Community Service. In this guest blog post, Heather discusses the launch of the new Regional Office, the impact of national service in the region, and how national service can act as a bridge across divides to unite Americans in a common effort and lift each other up.

As our country confronts the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, national service is playing a more crucial role than ever. Since the start of the national emergency, nearly 12,000 AmeriCorps and Senior Corps participants have served in direct response to COVID-19, aiding more than 1.5 million Americans.

Working in collaboration with governor-appointed state service commissions, like ServeOhio, the new Midwest Regional Office of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is based out of Columbus and will connect communities in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky to national service resources through AmeriCorps and Senior Corps programs. Our staff of 17 will assist applicants and grantees by providing training, technical assistance, and administrative oversight. In addition, we hope to work with you as partners, to promote the MLK Day and September 11th national days of service.

Our values-oriented staff is setting our intention around getting to know our communities, building a strong foundation in technical skills so that we can provide great customer service, and supporting equitable practices within the agency. We look forward to a time we can visit with our partners in person to learn more about your work and talk about how national service might be a great fit to help support you.

Today in the Region, 40,600 dedicated individuals provide service at more than 6,070 locations leveraging a federal investment of $81 million and a community investment of more than $98 million. The value of national service, however, is more than just dollars. It makes sense as a strategy for community and economic recovery, for young people in need of a pathway forward, and is as much a community-impact program as it is a leadership development and career pathway. National service, as it is intended, is built on partnerships and community-led, volunteer solutions.

We know nonprofits and community members are facing unprecedented challenges. We also know that during significant crisis, our citizens feel a strong call to serve. As we launch a new federal office in Columbus, we hope AmeriCorps and Senior Corps continue to be one of the solutions- a bridge across divides to unite Americans in a common effort and lift each other up.

Join Us! To provide feedback or for more information about national service in the Midwest, please contact For a brief snapshot of our Region and a link to staff bios visit us online.

- Heather Foster, Regional Administrator of the Midwest Region, Corporation for National and Community Service

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